About Bryan

I am originally from Texas. Texas is one of the few places in the US that when someone asks where you are from, you don’t say America or the US. You say Texas. And I am very proud to be from Texas. I even have a Texas flag that has flown over the Texas Capitol building.

I moved to Australia to be with my, now, wife. A move that most people who know me would never have expected, but it really was one of the best decisions of my life. I now have dual citizenship which means that if I get into trouble, I can treat my countries like children do their parents. Ask one, and if they say no, go to the other one without the first knowing I’ve tried the second! Haven’t had to play that card yet.

I have very definite opinions on most things, and not afraid to stand up and make the hard call. I even announced my 2020 US Presidency bid in January 2017. The picture above demonstrates my commitment to that endeavor. Hopefully I will get enough fans on this podcast to help make that idea a reality.

I have worked many jobs in my life. I have worked in food service, retail shops (toys, books, etc), a PA for a car company division, a bank research clerk, alarm installer, to IT helpdesk, then on to network engineer and service delivery manager. Definitely not afraid to try new things and get my hands dirty (unless there is actual dirt, then we need to discuss that). I have even had some excursions into the music industry. First launched a BBS (that stands for Bulletin Board Service for all those reading this that are younger than about 35) which helped connect local musicians to their fans. Even had a download section where bands could put samples of their songs. This turned into a website, when lead to band management. Then once I moved to Australia, I got involved with ACAN (Australian Christian Artists Network) and was the National Coordinator of that organization for almost 5 years.

Basically, I’m a guy that doesn’t act his age. And really, I see no point in that. Sure, I can fight the good fight when necessary, but I’d really rather be gathered around good people and sharing stories with roaring laughter.

Now living in Victoria, Australia with my wife and daughter I spend my days working and trying to stay warm. Trying to bring joy and happiness to those around me.

But the most important thing for those reading this, is that I need your support for my US Presidential bid in 2020. It won’t be easy. But if Trump proved anything in 2016, it’s that the establishment doesn’t have to win. So why not. I think I have a shot with your help!

Bryan for President in 2020!

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