Episode 5 – Special Guest Allison, Gardening, Corrections, Where would we live, and more

Andrew’s sister Allison joins us for a special podcast episode. She brings some corrections but some insights to our discussions as well. It was World Naked Gardening day,.. why???, If we could travel to anywhere in the world instantly, where would we all decide to live? Are we, as Australians compelled to vote, or forced? Do Australians like people from the US and how well do we fit in? The latest look at chart toppers for Aussies in the US, and US artists in Australia. Finally, and update on Team Jess!!! Andrew’s wife Jess is on Master Chef. Did she make it through the first round???

*** Note, yes, we are working to get these down to under an hour, but we were having way too much fun with our special guest, so hopefully you will too!!

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  1. Lots of laughs and fun stuff! It was great to hear Allison join you. Enjoyed the repartee.

    Bryan asked about the Tim Tams I saw In Kroger in South Bend. They were actual Tim Tams in the Tim Tams package but the package stated that they were distributed by a company in one of the eastern states, perhaps Connecticut but I don’t remember for sure. Next time I go to South Bend to be with Andrew’s grandfather, I will buy some and let you know the name of the distributor.

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