1. Andrew, do you remember what happened on our 1st trip to Oz when I ordered coffee with cream? I got a little pitcher with real cream. I should have ordered”white coffee”. Just a slight translation problem. The waiter was very diligent in getting my coffee with cream! Very nice fellow.

  2. Great podcast Bryan! Was great to listen to while cleaning the house, made it much more enjoyable ?. Owen did seem confused hearing your voice and not being able to find you tho!
    Some questions for your next episode, and sorry if this is weird! I have noticed that in American shows and movies that the chicken eggs we see are pure white. Is this the case in reality or are these just fake eggs? And if American chicken eggs are pure white do you know why? Do we have different chickens?
    Also thought it might be interesting to hear your thoughts on house prices.

    1. Hey Sarah, Not that weird at all. My Dad used to work on egg packing machines, so he’s a good place for me to start asking that question. Will see what I can find. House prices are DEFINITELY something we should bring up on the next episode for sure!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully they will stay enjoyable as we continue! 😀

  3. Now I know why your high school friends called you Yeah Butler. You say it all the time!! I never really paid much attention but I really noticed it in your podcast.

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